services overview

  • Television

    Local broadcast, national, cable and satellite. The right combination of dayparts and audience is why our media strategy, planning and buying gets you results. 


  • Radio

    Local, national or satellite, host endorsed or pre-produced, our team of radio experts work tirelessly to get your spot heard by the right pairs of ears.

  • Print

    From full-page color magazine ads to classifieds in the local newspaper, billboards and signage, our print department will take your concept and artwork and get it in front of readers of every variety.

  • Digital

    Want to reach 1,000,000 potential customers with similar beliefs and previous purchasing history in a dedicated email blast? Want to ensure folks see your commercial online with guaranteed views? Want your favorite host driving traffic to your site? Let us make that happen for you.

  • Direct Response

    Using your URL and/or 800 number with tracking and accountability not only maximizes your buy, it also allows you to monetize based on your call to action. Need a call center and fulfillment? We have resources for you.

  • Branding

    We define who you are and what others think about you. Our branding experts will help you from logo development to name, design, color and testing. The media buy and strategy will be targeted to make the public aware of who you are.

Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Planning

    Promoting your product or service is an art – we have the supplies to help you create your masterpiece. With careful consideration and intelligent design, your media plan and strategy is crafted and implemented according to your goals and timeline.

Media Buying

  • Media Buying

    Want more people through the doors or portal of your business? We put your ad in front of the folks who will take those steps. Need to buy commercials on ratings points or AQH data? . "We will place it, they will come."


  • Copy Writing

    Tired of using "Words With Friends" to improve your vocabulary? From jingles to infomercials, dedicated email to banners, our team of writers and producers are ready to roll. And yes, we speak HTML.